View our range of ‘British’ Coloured and White Stitched Polishing Mops. Polishing Steel or Stainless? Hollison Supply Abrasives and Metal Polishing Supplies has the ‘Stitch Mop’ selection for every metal polishing application.

Stitched Mops are made up of one or more discs called ‘sections’ approx 1/2″(12.5mm) thick which are concentrically machine stitched. Stitching varies depending on the stiffness required. The term ‘Close Stitched’ indicates the distance between each concentric row of stitching is 1/4″(6mm) whereas ‘Open Stitched’ would be approx. 3/8″(9mm). Our White Stitch Mops are made from 100% soft white cotton. Made with durable leather washers for use on taper spindles. Parrell bore holes to your requirement on request.

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