Fast cutting and hard Polishing Wheels sometimes refered to as ‘Stapol Mops’ (the old Cannings trade name). Good for heavy duty polishing operations on steels, Aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Excellent for the elimination of grinding marks on stainless steel. Use with bench-mounted or hand-held machines which utilise a tapered spindle mounting.

Stapol Mop sections have a thickness of approx. 1/2″(12.5mm). Each mop is made up of one or more sections and concentrically machine stitched. Our Sisal Wheels are specially woven in 100% sisal with a cotton interleaving. Available untreated ‘Dry’, or chemically treated, stiffened, with ‘Green’ or ‘Orange’ impregnations to increase life and give more aggressive cut.

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Dry Sisal Polishing Mops


Green Sisal Polishing Mops

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Polishing Mop Kits

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Red Sisal Polishing Mops

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