Choose the best Coated & Bonded Abrasives from Hollison Supply Abrasive Supplies. We are proud to introduce a range of Abrasive Grinding Discs and Abrasive Cutting Discs from Klingspor. Our popular Satin-Web Abrasive Products are commonly used for abrasive cleaning and polishing operations. This non-woven abrasive nylon is sourced by Hollison Supply for abrasive quality and consistency when abrasive polishing.

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100mm x 915mm X-Weight Sanding Belts

£2.88£4.15 inc.Vat

100x2500mm 36g RB480 (pack of 3)

£5.83 Excl. VAT

100x2500mm 40g KK711x (pack of 4)

£10.00 Excl. VAT

100x2500mm 40G KK711X (pack of 10)

£20.83 Excl. VAT

100x2740mm LS309X Belt P100 (Pack of 10)

£16.67 Excl. VAT

100x3450mm 400x C330(pack of 10)

£37.50 Excl. VAT

100x3450mm 400x CS330 (pack of 10)

£33.33 Excl. VAT

110x100x19mm Keyway Felt Wheel

£50.55 Excl. VAT

115mm x 22mm Coarse Clean & Strip Disc

£6.85 Excl. VAT

115mm x 22mm Felt Flap Disc

£4.61 Excl. VAT

115mm x 22mm Medium Hybrid Combi Disc

£14.14 Excl. VAT

150X3450MM 400g cs330 (pack of 2)

£10.00 Excl. VAT