Our range of Cloth Sanding Belts are sourced for both quality and price. Select our top branded Linishing Belts from VSM Abrasives, and Starcke Abrasives, for use on a vertical belt linisher, power file belt sanders, metal belt grinder, disc & belt sanders, floor sander, drum sander, or on a polishing lathe. Stocked in all popular grits.

In addition, we also offer Custom Made Abrasive Belts in Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Zirconium, and Specialist Belts in Surface Conditioning Material, Ceramic Grain, Compact Grain, Trizact Material manufactured to your specification.

Need a material, grit or size that isn’t listed? Contact us to have your Custom Sanding Belts made in no time at all.

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100mm x 915mm X-Weight Sanding Belts

£2.88£4.15 inc.Vat

200mm x 750mm Floor Sander Belts

50 – 150mm Wide Zirconium Sanding Belts


50 x 1525mm XK733X 60Grit Ceramic Belt

£4.60 Excl. VAT

50mm x 1525mm Starcke Double Flex Sanding Belts


50x1525mm 341XP Zirc Belt 40Grit

£3.65 Excl. VAT

50x780mm Woodturning / Sharpening Sander Belts (Pks of 10)

From £23.27 Excl. VAT

552JFF Flex Sanding Belts 50x1525mm

From £1.80 Excl. VAT

552JFF Flex Sanding Belts 75x1525mm

From £3.13 Excl. VAT

75mm x 2000mm Sanding Belts

From £4.55 Excl. VAT

Extra Flex Sanding Belts 50x1525mm


Powerfile Belts 12 x 610mm

From £12.70 Excl. VAT